One of the regular features we are going to have here on the Free Favicon blog is a look at some of the great favicons that you can find inspirations from on the Internet. Creating a great favicon can be a challanging task, the 16×16 pixel space does not give you a lot of room for adding detail, shadows, and bevels tend to disappear or become blurs. Faces usually turn into blobs, and logos can turn into an unrecognizable mess.

CBC FaviconThere are some logos that have survived the conversion down to favicon size well and this week we would like to highlight the great favicon of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). There current logo works very well as a favicon and goes a long way to help brand their website with viewers who are accustomed to seeing the logo on television. Accorinding to Wikipedia the current logo has been in use since 1992, and was simplified from earlier versions of the logo. It is that simplified version of the logo that makes it work. If they were still trying to use the more complex logos that are listed at Wikipedia they might have ended up with a favicon that was just an unrecognizable mess.

Hats off to the CBC for a great favicon from their logo!

Design Google’s Favicon!

It has been big news all around the web, Google changed its favicon from the upper case G that people recognized, to a new lower case g that has caught many people by surprise. The new Google favicon is not the last and final version yet and there will be more new favicons to come. Google’s official blog talks about how they have come up with the new favicon and how it is part of several new favicons that they are changing.

Google favicon iterations
It sounds like Google tested 300 or so different versions of favicons before choosing the lower case g that we see now. If you think you can do better make sure you submit your favicon creation to them. If they choose your favicon design you could become famous overnight, if you are not already famous. Go get those ideas together and blow Google’s socks off with a great favicon design.

You can also read about this over at TechCrunch: The Story Behind Google’s New Favicon.

Free Favicon – The Blog

Welcome to the Free Favicon blog! Here we will highlight different tutorials on how to create a great looking favicon for your website, how to add it to your website, talk and highlight great looking favicons from around the Internet and most importantly we plan on allowing you to show off your great favicon. We are stll dusting around here so there is sure to be changes in the coming days and weeks as we get things in order, but feel free to subscribe to keep up with the latest about favicons.

Favicons have become more than just a 16 x 16 pixel image in your web browser of your favourite website, they have become branding and marketing symbols that help people identify with your website. This can be seen most recently with Google’s changing of their favicon from the classic capital G to the new lower case g. Google has made small changes to their homepage over the years, but the change to their favicon has people talking. Google’s favicon has become their brand. There has even been rumors that Google might be looking at changing their logo and the favicon change was the first of a series of changes. What ever might happen it is clear that Google favicon equals their brand on the Internet.

All the more reason you need to find and create that perfect favicon for your website.