Mozy Online Backup Favicon

I admit that I am a huge Mozy fan. I use it to backup my personal photos and files and I use MozyPro to backup my business files. Of course that is not the point of this blog, the point of this blog is to highlight some great looking favicon’s, so aside from the fact that I use the Mozy, I honestly do think they have a great favicon.

Mozy Online Backup favicon

The favicon obviously is taken from the logo:
Mozy Online Backup logo

Not every logo can work well as a favicon. Many logos have to much detail, and a 16×16 pixel space is just not enough space for little details. The Mozy logo works perfectly in the 16×16 pixel space and I can only guess that someone must have been thinking about how the logo would work as an icon on desktops, taskbars and as a favicon.

Great job on the icon Mozy, oh and on a great product as well. Nice to know my photos, work files and memories are safe.

Defender of the Favicon!

Favicons have gone from being just a graphic or an animated graphic to full fledged games thanks to Mathieu Henri who has created “Defender of the Favicon“. This favicon is a little different than the ones you will find here at The favicon is actually a Javascript that dynamically updates the favicon. It is playable but not viewable in all browsers. The best browsers to try the favicon game in are Opera 9.5, Opera 9.2 and FireFox 2. I was using Firefox 3 and it was working alright, other than the fact that I suck at Defender.

I was trying the site out in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu and it appeared to run fine. I also tried it on Firefox 2 on a Windows XP machine and it was pretty much identical. I could only ever play in the favicon. The instructions say that if you press Enter it should open in a canvas display but I could not get that to work on either machine.

Here is a short video of me trying to play Defender of the Favicon. Not easy to do but it is a creative use of the space. Perhaps a different game would be eaiser to play as a favicon. Pac-Man comes to mind or even Asteroids maybe.

This is a unique approach to creating a favicon and deserves to be recognized this week as the favicon of the week! Favicon

Yesterday I talked about how did not even bother trying to create a favicon for their website, which is a real shame. While I was doing research for hotels for my holiday I also spent time on They have a nice site and they have a great little favicon for their site. I can always find their site fast in my bookmarks because of that little airplane favicon. favicon

That is a great favicon that matches their logo and branding on their website and t makes it easy for me to find their bookmark when I am looking for them. Good job on an easy to recognize favicon! Favicon

With the historic launch of Firefox 3 this week and a huge response to their download day I thought it was only appropriate to take a look at the great favicon of the home of Firefox,

The favicon is a godzilla like creature, which does not seem to make a lot of sense, you would think it would be the Firefox logo or Thunderbird logo. If you read some of the history about how got started and about the mascot the favicon makes perfect sense.

What I like best about the favicon is how crisp and clear it is. It is easy to recognize as a godzilla type of creature. Hard to do in only a 16×16 space.

Hats off to for a great favicon and congratulations on the success of the Firefox 3 download day! I know I have been enjoying Firefox 3!

One of the regular features we are going to have here on the Free Favicon blog is a look at some of the great favicons that you can find inspirations from on the Internet. Creating a great favicon can be a challanging task, the 16×16 pixel space does not give you a lot of room for adding detail, shadows, and bevels tend to disappear or become blurs. Faces usually turn into blobs, and logos can turn into an unrecognizable mess.

CBC FaviconThere are some logos that have survived the conversion down to favicon size well and this week we would like to highlight the great favicon of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). There current logo works very well as a favicon and goes a long way to help brand their website with viewers who are accustomed to seeing the logo on television. Accorinding to Wikipedia the current logo has been in use since 1992, and was simplified from earlier versions of the logo. It is that simplified version of the logo that makes it work. If they were still trying to use the more complex logos that are listed at Wikipedia they might have ended up with a favicon that was just an unrecognizable mess.

Hats off to the CBC for a great favicon from their logo!