Design Google’s Favicon!

It has been big news all around the web, Google changed its favicon from the upper case G that people recognized, to a new lower case g that has caught many people by surprise. The new Google favicon is not the last and final version yet and there will be more new favicons to come. Google’s official blog talks about how they have come up with the new favicon and how it is part of several new favicons that they are changing.

Google favicon iterations
It sounds like Google tested 300 or so different versions of favicons before choosing the lower case g that we see now. If you think you can do better make sure you submit your favicon creation to them. If they choose your favicon design you could become famous overnight, if you are not already famous. Go get those ideas together and blow Google’s socks off with a great favicon design.

You can also read about this over at TechCrunch: The Story Behind Google’s New Favicon.

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