SVG Favicons Coming Soon and Other News

We have known for awhile that you can use SVG files as favicons but it can take time to update the site to include a how to use them and the links to the SVG files, but a new tutorial on how to add SVG files as favicons is coming soon. In the mean time we have started testing SVG downloads on the Animal section of Free Favicons the ability to download the original SVG file that the favicon PNG’s were created from. For example on one of the most popular animal favicons, the Paw Print, you will notice a new button that allows you to download the SVG file to use as a favicon as well as the original zip file download to grab the PNG and ICO package. You might want to grab both so you can provide options for those visitors that cannot see SVG favicons yet.

Look for the tutorial on how to use a SVG as a favicon soon and many more SVG downloads available soon.

Many thanks to PermaClipart for their help and useful API to connect our favicon PNG/ICO packages with the original SVG files they were created from.

In other news the main favicon generator has a new hcaptcha field added to it. We were having a number of bots constantly hitting the favicon generator form and decided it was time to do something about it. We are hopeful this will help prevent/slow down the bots so we don’t need to take any other measures.

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