New Icon Size Added

Well it is now 2016 and to keep up with changes in favicon and icons has made a few changes around the site. First up, to start off the New Year the top icons list has been reset to zero! That means if visit the FreeFavicons page it might look pretty bare for awhile. It will not take long to fill up again.

Second if you use WordPress you might now have a feature called a Site Icon. It is not available on all themes available yet but it is becoming more popular. Thankfully with a small tweak to our generation code for the downloadable icons we have included a 512 pixel size icon on all newly generated icons for download. That is the preferred size for a WordPress site icon so you can easily download an icon you can use for your WordPress website.

Unfortunately not all the previously created icons will have the new icon size but over 2016 we will be looking at adding the new size into the older icons. Not all will get the new size but if there is an icon you really want us to create a WordPress site icon size for let us know and we will look into getting it made.

The icon creators and generator are a little more difficult to add the new size to but in the next little while the new size will hopefully be added as well.

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